Javascript has gone from being the laughingstock of the web spehere to becoming the major power in all things web related. Back in the middle of the ninties when it was introduced it really didn't fill any purpose in the then fledgling technological platform that was the world wide web. Most of the sites that used Javascript tended to work bad or just to be pointless.

Javascript first gained any real tracktion with the introduction of AJAX, first in IE via the introduction of the XMLHTTP and then it was adapted as a standard feature in all modern browsers. It enabled web developers to update the web page content without reloading the page, which made it possible to create more application like websites.

The last couple of years Javascript have gone from being a tool to add some exotic feature to a website to be one of the driving technologies behind the web today. The introduction of server side Javascript via node.js is a huge change, now we can use the same langague on the server side as we do on the client side. Also new Javascrip frameworks like AngularJs, ember.js, backbone.js build on the previous success of JQuery and give developers a complete toolbox all based on Javascript.

I wrote my first node.js rest application (using restify) a couple of months ago, and i have just started to look at the frontend frameworks and evalute which one to use to build the frontend for my backend application. I will try to track the progress and my findings here to hopefully assist others in the same situtation.

Carl Cedergren
2014-06-17 13:51

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