Times are changing

Its been a long time since i wrote anything here, i moved this spring and that did take a lot of time that would have been spent gaming instead. I also tried Fantasy Flight Games X-wing and loved it, so a lot of my gaming time has been devoted to it. And on top of that the 7th edition of 40k hasn't really inspired me to play more.

I have decided to try some games from other companies, and have ordered a 50 rice list of Cult of Yurei list for Bushido as well as the new Operation:Icestorm as well as some more Nomads for Infinity. I have friends that are devoted players of both games so i hope i will fancy them as well.

This in turn means that i will cut back on my 40k projects, i am getting rid of my 1000 sons as well as my emperors children armies. I am also selling of some smaller projects that i have had laying around for some time. I will keep my Death Guard as well as my Red Scorpions, Sons of Medusa and Eldar armies for now. Obviously i am keeping my older armies as well, but they dont see much play time as of late.

I am also looking forward to a couple of terrain projects, i am building a city fight table for 40k using the terrainscape urban board together with mixed buildings from GW, Pegasus etc. I am also building a small Bushido board, and if i like Infinity its the next terrain project on the list.

Carl Cedergren
2014-08-16 19:25

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