free IBM 20.5 GB

today i received a second replacement for my broken IBM drive. well, free hardware is always nice, thnx IBM. I got back to coding on the desktop.dll today (it is with out a doubt the most complex core module to date, mostly since most of explorer and how it handles the desktop is undocumented). I have added monitoring of both the desktop folders on NT/2K/XP systems and i rewrote the icon position save/load routines so that the icons position is saved as soon as they are moved. I also figured out why the lables disapeared but haven't been able to solve it yet, but now i atleast know what is causing the problem.

On another note i am currently finishing a finacial plan for the fileSphere project, and if it works out we'll get some founding in a not so far future, which means that the project will be reactivated and i will have a source of income, rejoyce!

Carl Cedergren
2002-04-23 04:19

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