the shell community is catching up

one of the reasons i started core was to introduce ideas that i had to the shell community, using a shell of my own design, and it is starting to happen (or, more likely, people are coming up with the same ideas as i do).
It all started a couple of months ago when somebody requested that litestep get a scollable systray, this is something that core has had for quite some time, and todays shell news contains a couple of more examples of this. geoShell is getting icon support for the desktop, something that you all know i have been working on for the last couple of months, and at the same time litestep gets mathematical evaluation added to the lsapi.dll, something that core has had from the start.
If i wanted to flatter myself id say that these ideas come form core, but its probably just a couple of people coming up with the same ideas.
I am still filled with new ideas for core, if i only could find the time and the drive to add them.

Carl Cedergren
2002-04-28 04:23

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