something not computer related

I just looked through the backlog of my journal and noticed that all i ever write about seems to have something to do with computers, so i think it is about time i wrote about something else. The last of april is a holiday in sweden, and it is celebrated all of the country by lighting boonfires etc. In Uppsala it is THE holidy for students and students from all over the country travel to Uppsala to take part. I had a couple of guests, Andreas from Malm my cousin Suzanne with friends from Stockholm and my old roommate Fredrik with his girlfriend from Västerås. Combined with a lot of friends from Uppsala we had a great barbecue party with about 30 people attending. Nice. So, look, i do stuff apart from having hardware problems and work on core (something i haven't done that much lately, shame on me).

Carl Cedergren
2002-05-03 19:20

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