Hotswap problems

Today i decided to replace a drive that was causing me trouble in my fileserver with a new one, and while doing so test the hotswap capabilites. I moved the data off the drive giving me the trouble, unmounted it, turned its power of with the key, removed it, replaced it with the new drive and powered it up. Did it work? No. Seems like the drivecontroller wont recognise that the drive has change, and therefor Debian cant access the new drive. This might be due to the controller not supporting hotswap. So i powered the system of, replace the drive and powered it back up again. Ill have to see if i can find a disc controller that supports hotswap, otherwise all the nice drivebays are adding is a stylish look =(

This in turn showed that it wasn't the drive that was bad, but something else was causing the BadCRC errors. I tried replacing the cable to the drive, as was suggested in an FAQ i found,but that did nothing. Now i have decided to replace the disc controller, hopefully that will be the end of the trouble, and perhaps that will solve the hotswap situation to, we'll just havet to wait and see.

Carl Cedergren
2005-11-10 12:31

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