Supporta 023 Demo

This saturday saw the only Supporta 023 event this fall, due to the ever present venue shortage. It featured three bands Chainwreck, Duty and Montezumas. There weren't that many attendeds, probably due to it beeing Halloween, but i had most of the ones who were there dancing during my second set, so i am happy. As normal a play list is attached. Joy Division - Love will tear us apart
The Mission - Wasteland
Rosetta Stone - Adrenaline
The Sisters of Mercy - Temple of love (92)
The Merry Thoughts - Second generation
Paradise Lost - Say just words
Inkkubus Sukkubus - Paint it black
The Cr├╝xshadowns - Deception
The Birthday Masacare - Lovers end
Rammstein - Ache zu ache

Erause - Lay all your love on me
A-Ha - Take on me
Elegant Machinery - Black town
Hype - Wintersday
Poupee Fabrik - Photographic
Daf - Der mussilini
Camouflage - The great commandments
Soft Cell - Tainted love
Page - Dansande man

Carl Cedergren
2005-11-06 18:47

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