More Tanzmusik

The second installment of Tanzmusik was this Saturday, and i once again took up residence in the DJ boot together with DJ Lüring. There weren't as many visitors this time as last time, but those who were there seemed to have a good time. After this weekend i have a period where ill play four times in three weeks, so expect a lot more of these post during the upcoming month. As alway the playlist is attached. --- DJ Lüring
birthday massacre - violet
now unit - felt this way
elegant machinery - watching you
depeche mode - personal jesus (pump mix)
Daf - der mussolini
spetsnaz - perfect body (earlobe)
combichrist - god bless
grendel - soilbleed
cassandra complex - nightfall over ec
klinik - moving hands
skinny puppy - pro-test
to avoid - cyberworld
sitd - hurt

--- DJ Carl
miss kittin and the hacker - frank sinatra
implant - you can ?
sara noxx - colder and colder
anne clark - my darkness (felix the housecat)
ayria - my device
depeche mode - question of time
mesh - let them crush us
elegant machinery - black town
iris - sorrow experts
colony 5 - fusion

--- DJ Lüring
covenant - feeback
soman - ruler
amduscia - impulso biomechanico (grendel)
rotersand - exterminate, annihilate, destroy
lights of euphoria - you better run (painbastard)
vnv nation - chrome
univaque - nothing can be saved
noxx - society
grendel - zombienation
fleshfield - fallen angel (absolution)
And One - Deutschmachinen

--- DJ Carl
And One - Panzermensch
Controlled Fusion - abscent
suicide commando - hellraiser
grendel - interrogation leash
project-x - last ? (notes?)
8khz mono - heavy water
evils toy - hypnosis
leather strip - fit for flogging
icon of coil - former self
assemblage 23 - you haven't earned it
camouflage - the great commandment
hype - winterday
second decay - i hate berlin

--- DJ Lüring
2 unlimited - jump 4 joy

Carl Cedergren
2005-10-26 20:56

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