more core info

Seeing that tinomen picked up on this, i thought i'd post some more info. Core is what happened since i got a hold of a plugin interface written by voxelite. I was at the moment working on parts of the cloud:9ine project, the systray amongst other things. I feel that i haven't had enough saying in where to head with c9, since it is chris project and he calls all the shots. So i went back to the idea of writing my own shell. I have been using litestep since b23 days, and will keep on using it, or rather pureLS, for a long time. the main reson i want to write my own shell is to see if i can do it. At the moment i have a desktop dll, a lsxcommand clone dll and a systray dll, all loaded by the main program. I am working with the plugin interface yet, but as soon as it is nailed down ill release a sdk and the shell executable. The main idea here is to allow the user to do anything, ie change any part of the shell and make it into anything you want. I will release a wrapper to run the plugins as standalone applications and a wharflike interface to compile them in. I have a million ideas for things to do, so the only thing that might stop me is the lack of time. Going away on holiday for a week now, but after that the work picks up again.

Carl Cedergren
2000-06-28 00:55

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