the core of things to com(e) =)

Back from the island, gotland that is and not ibitza i am afraid. Anyway, core is coming along fine and i thought i should post some more info on what is happening over here. The main executable (the one that loades everything) is almost done. It kicks in by loading a settings module, which in turn handles the way core reads its settings, at the moment i only have written one for a ini type setup, but in a near future we will have:


step.rc type

database (prob access)

diffrent files (like step.rc #include)

As you can see it is up to you, the user to choose which way to store your settings. On the plugin front i have the desktop and lsxcommand clone running at what could be a first release state, the systray is a bit lacking and i still want to get a shortcut module done before i release anything. At that point, which should be soon, i will also release a sdk with a good documentation on how to extend core to do what ever you want. When we reach this point the fun begins, when everybody can ship in to make this shell into anything you want it. Until then!

Carl Cedergren
2000-07-09 00:00

<< more core info screenshot! >>