No time for club silence

Apart from beeing a Sero.Overdose remix album its my general feeling at the moment. The club i have been playing at (and running) here in Falun won't have a venue this fall, and the rest of the organisers are content with that, wanting to focus on other things. This leaves me out in the cold, so i am on the lookout for another venue, to start a club of my own (ie, one that will only play the music that i play). I have a few alternatives, and i really hope that one of the works out.

On the positive side i will be playing at a new venue in Uppsala, namely V-Dala Nation, during the fall, this is great since the Uppsala organizers are also having venue problems, meaning that there won't be any club gigs there this fall. I still hope that there will be a live concert or two, but as always it comes down to having access to a stage.

Carl Cedergren
2005-08-12 17:58

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