Feels like i am compiling a list of stuff that i will buy as soon as work picks up, the latest in the line is a mobile phone. I have been a none user up until now, but i have finally found a product that has all the features that i want from a mobile terminal. E-TEN will release the M600 the fourth quarter this year, and it has GSM as well as WLAN. I own an old Handspring Visior and there was an optional GSM module that you could buy for it. This peaked my interest but as i have always said, GSM access is more usefull for people trying to get ahold of you then for you to get ahold of people. On the other hand, WLAN support, Bluetooth support, GSM/GPRS support, and ontop of all that a Pocket PC PDA, i like it.

Apart from my mobile cravings, i will be getting a projector, to use for company presentations as well as to replace my aging TV. This will spice up my HTPC project (see YAPVR).

And finally i am getting a coffee machine. Making coffee for one person with our current pot is just no good, so i have decided to get a espresso machine.

Carl Cedergren
2005-07-22 20:31

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