schools out for summer!

So, as you all know i have been temping as a computer teacher at a local high school (local and local, its in Borlänge). Anyway, yesterday was the last day of school for the kids, i still have a week to go, and after that i am unemployed (or have a vacation depending on how you see it). I'll probably get to work there next year to, if i want to.

The next week I'll be rebuilding the computer lab, to create a more robust environment. Ill have the boxes PXE booted and the OS images downloaded to each machine at startup. This gives the user the option to choose OS, and also ensures that all the machines are freshly installed. Files and user setttings will be stored on a local samba server (the same box handling the OS images and tftpd). It will be running Debian 3.1. Not completely sure how i am going to solve the boot and download bit, but i am looking at PXELINUX and netGrub.

On a side note i am itching to upgrade this site to the CVS version of e107 0.7, we'll see if i can withstand the temptation.

Carl Cedergren
2005-06-11 11:09

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