The sun and the rainfall

This weekend i again visited Uppsala. On friday i attended a nice barbecue party to celebrate that one of my friends has competed his doctor studies. The weather was great and we spent a large part of the evening outdoors. On saturday it was time for the traditionall picnic with det svarta staktetet, and as alway the rain poured. We had great weather until we reached the spot, then it started to rain, and it just wouldn't stop. All in all it was a nice evening, since we build a fire and had a tent to protect us from most of the rain, but still it would have been a lot better if the sun had been up.

The DJ mixer and player arrived on thursday, and i have installed it all, haven't had the time to do more the play with it, but ill give it a run down this week.

Carl Cedergren
2005-05-30 07:55

<< Finally ordered it. schools out for summer! >>