Smooth Calendar Roadmap

Last night I had some time to structure the feature request that I have received for Smooth Calendar, and I thought now would be a good time to outline my road map for the upcoming releases. I currently have a minor and a major release planned, and this should bring us up to the big 1.0.

Feature request

  • Colour coding on calendar for different activities.
  • Display day of the week
  • Display week number
  • Transparent background
  • Select what calendar application to use
  • Choose what view to display in the application used
  • Add localisation for different languages
  • Skin/theme support
  • Option to omit all day events
  • Choose if events should be removed on start or finish
  • Option to down priorities the display of all day events
  • Option to just display the icon and no upcoming events
  • If end and start time is the same, dont show end time even if show end time is enabled
  • Support for the Motorola corporate calendar
  • Option to high light todays events in another colour

Next minor release

The next minor release is what I am currently working at, it will include a number of suggested features as well as support for different languages. Since this is a minor release it should be available shortly. Which of the requested features that make it into this release is hard to say, it depends on what feature I feel have the most public appeal as well as the amount of time it will take to implement them.

Next major release

The next major release, which is intended as the 1.0 release, will see the support for skins/themes. I intend to include at least three different skins (classic, donut, eclair) and it will be possible for the community to create their own skins, so I hope that there will soon be a bunch of skins to choose from. This release will hopefully add any outstanding requests that didn't make it into the minor release as well.

Carl Cedergren
2010-07-27 09:38

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