Smooth Calendar 0.9.9 Released

Well, the next version of Smooth Calendar is released, here is what's new:

  • Added the option to highlight todays event in another color
  • Changed so that if the end time is the same as the start time it isn't displayed
  • Added the option to hide all day events
  • Added the option to choose if events should be removed when they start or when they end
  • Added the option to disable the service and rely on the automatic updates
  • Added a work around for locales missing day/month names (for Desires FroYo etc).
  • Added localisation support, for now Swedish, Danish and Polish are supported apart from English (Big thanks to the people who helped me translate).

Want to help me translate Smooth Calendar to your language? Drop me a line!

Carl Cedergren
2010-08-05 22:19

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