Thousand Sons

I decided to surprise my gaming group with bringing a new army to our next gaming session, and I had a bunch of Thousand Sons laying around that I bought back in early 2000. I built two squads with Sorcerers and then I converted some of the Dark Vengence Cultists and bought a Heldrake, to round out the list and since it think its a really Tzeentch looking model. I converted the Heldrake with the head from the WFB Chimera as well as adding some tentacles from the Defiler instead of the hind legs.

The armylist looks like this, 999 points:

  • Ahriman
  • Heldrake
  • 18 Chaos Cultists, MoT
  • 9 Thousand Sons, Meltabombs
  • 9 Thousand Sons, Meltabombs

I have no idea if this is even playable, the lack of AT means that i have to handle tanks with psychics or with the melta bombs. Expanding some Obliternators would be a good idea, together with perhaps some daemon allies

Carl Cedergren
2013-09-22 21:39

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