In The Emperor’s Name

I have been eying In The Emperor’s Name since the third edition was released in may, and even though I haven't tried it yet It seems to be a good little game, and the opportunity to build some great models means that I will give it a try as soon as I can find the time. My first retinue will be a servitor heavy Adeptus Mecanicus one, I have always loved the servitor models but I have had a hard time finding a place for them in my armies. I am looking at using one of each of the current servitors (including the ones that come with Grimaldus). To lead the retinue I am getting a Magus Dominus from Forgeworld. I just need to decide on what to use as my electro-priest and if I should include another tech priest or not.

I am also planning some more retinues, an Ordo Xenos one with Lok and some of my Deathwatch marines, A scout retinue in tribute to Advanced Space Crusade as well a Genestealer Cult and maybe even a Imperial Guard list (either a Psyker Battle Squad or a Death Korps retinue).

Carl Cedergren
2013-10-01 09:17

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