Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Since I got back into 40k I have been eyeing the WFB 8th edition. From what I have read online its not the best version of the game so far and nobody in my current gamning group is playing it, but then again, that has never stopped med before. I played a lot of WFB in 5th and 6th edition, playing a necromancer undead army and I love the more strategic level of momevment that always has been the trade mark of WFB.

The other day I ran across the Corrupters of the Apocalypse from Avatars of War and realized that they were being remade in plastic, so I knew that I had to get some. I will be fielding them together with Festus as my main unit. They will be backed up by a unit of marauders built buy kit bashing the marauder kit and the zombie kit.

Lastly I will add a unit or two of chaos hounds, to give me a fast unit to harass the enemy with. This should be enough for 1000 pts, and I am looking forward to building and painting it. Since the plastic corrupters wont be released until December I think this will be my xmas project.

  • Festus
  • 17 Warriors of Nurgle, two handweapons, full command
  • 24 Marauders of Nurgle, flails, full command
  • 5 Chaos hounds
  • 5 Chaos hounds

Carl Cedergren
2013-10-21 14:50

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