Weekend in the south

Friday at lunch time Hanna and I boarded a train bound for Malmö. We arrived there at about 15.00 and meet up with Sanna and Björn. We drove over the Öresundsbridge to Copenhagen where we after some unplanned sightseeing ended up at our motel. It turned out to be straight from an American film, but it was clean and well maintained. After a quick stop to buy some beer we had dinner at the motel, drank the larger part of the beer and then headed of to the venue Forbraendingen to see Mesh. It was a great show, even if the crowd was smaller then expected. They played a lot of new material, which is always a gamble, but the crowd seemed to like it (and so did we). After the gig we headed back to the motel for some well deserved rest. Saturday after breakfast we headed back to Malmö, said our goodbyes to Sanna and Björn and hooked up with Andreas. We spent the afternoon strolling the streets and hanging out in cafés until we headed back to Andreas flat just before dinner time. We spent some time there and had a couple of beers before being picked up by Andreas A. We got some Indian take away and headed to their new house. We spent the evening there, mainly watching old clips on Youtube and drinking beer. Sunday morning started with an American style breakfast at a restaurant called Southern kitchen before Hanna and i took the bus home. All in all it was a great weekend (we managed to leave the camera at home so sadly there wont be any pictures in the gallery).

Carl Cedergren
2009-11-14 21:04

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